Cloth cake stand

Nothing satisfies me more than making things with leftover materials. Browsing Pinterest as I often do, I stumbled upon this post. (Click picture for the link to Pinterest post).

After discovering it, I decided that I had to make it and break it down for my fellow DIYers and I wanted to use materials that I had on hand. 

This is my version. 

This is how I did this. I used very thin wood and had a friend cut 3, 13inch circles out and nail it together with strips of wood.

I then cut leftover satin fabric into 8 inch straps to ensure good coverage.

I folded and taped at first until I gained the confidence to staple as I went. I found that once one side was complete it was very easy to align it with the other side. For the bottom I used the drawer slip resistant liners. I simply folded it in half and used the unattached circular wood topper to cut it into a circle and then stapled it to the bottom. 

My topper was a bit more complicated to do. I used some Elmer’s school glue and coated it quickly and thick. Then I poured silver glitter directly on top and let it dry completely. Once dry, I knocked the loose glitter free. 

This was my first attempt. I was curious to know if I could pull off the same look using different material and so my second version was born. 

This time I used cardboard cake stand cutout that I purchased from joanns and some foam sheet that came inside the box of a glass desk my mother in law purchased a few months ago (I save everything).

I tried to glue it and quickly realized that I can’t glue foam. The heat for the glue eat the foam away in a matter of seconds. My solution was using a stapler. To my surprise it worked just fine.
I used the same process that I used on the wood stand and folded and stapled satin around the entire stand. I decided to not use glitter and instead I spray painted the top in 2 coats of gold. 

This is my end result.