Glued petal aisle runner

The decision to make a glued petal aisle runner should not be taken lightly. The creator of the blog Curious Purple Pig 

spent 20 hours making her aisle runner. This was her inspiration; mine as well.

I found her blog to be very useful and I used it as my base for creating my own petal runner. 

Here are a few things that I changed.

  1. I used cheap fabric as my base: I started off using Brown wrapping paper as the blog suggested but I found it to be very hard to work with, it kept rolling up and would not lay flat. Other DIYers used tulle, but, after reading so much negative posts about the draw backs of using tulle I decided against even experimenting with it. Instead, I went to Joanns and purchased some bundles of off white remnants.
  2. I cut my strips deeper than the drawing on the inspiration photo: because, I discovered that cutting the curves too close together caused my runner to not look like the inspiration picture. so I switched to this pattern the result was exactly what I was looking for. 
  3. I tried to tea dye/stain the petals and quickly discovered that it was too time consuming and did not yield a consistent color. Moreover, it just looked dirty when placed next to other ivory items so I purchased ivory petals from
  4. I needed to make a total of 80 ft and did not have the time so I quickly recruited HELP. Please do not hesitate to recruit help this is a very big project.

Here is my finished product.