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How to coupon for your DIY projects

I must start out by saying that I love, love, love coupons.  animatedcoupon

My favorite store to coupon for my craft items is Joann fabric and craft store.  I do however shop at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Handcock, Ac Moore, Amazon and Etsy.  Although the staff at Joann is extremely helpful and friendly that is not the primary reason why I am in love with this store.  My love affair is mainly due to their coupon policy.

Joan buidling1. At Joann you are able to use an unlimited amount of coupons in store as long as each coupon features a different barcode.  2. Once you sign of for the email list, Joann will send you at least one coupon a week day, which is a minimum of 5 coupons for the week (all with different barcodes).  3. They mail you paper coupons frequently (all with different barcodes from the emailed coupons even if it for the same dates).  4. You are able to screenshot of take a picture of the coupons to save on printing and they will accept them. 5. Coupons are also available online and they do not match the barcodes of the ones mailed. 6. Joann has in store circulars with coupons for the following week. These however are all have the same barcode and cannot be used in the same shopping trip. 7. They always have great sales.

joan joan 2

michaels 1 michaelJoann, Michaels, Ac Moore have two main types of coupons as do most craft stores, the ones you can only use on one regular priced item and the ones that can be used on all items purchased including sale items.  Regular Priced item coupons can only be used once at Joann, but, at other stores they can only be used once a day (in one location, so you can use it in another store the same day). these coupons also can only be used on a regular priced item or a single cut of fabric.   Total Purchase coupons cannot be combined with another coupon on an item. But, in the same transaction you are able to use both coupons if you have purchased regular priced items and sale items.  For example: I purchase 1 regular priced vase for $6, 1 regular priced flower for $4 and 1 foam pad that was marked down to $2. Using the coupons above, the regular priced item coupon will be applied to my highest priced regular item which is the $6 dollar vase making it a $3 purchase price. The 15% coupon will be applied to the $4 vase and the $2 foam pad, making it a $5.10 purchase.  My total for my shopping trip will then be $7.10 as opposed to $12 without coupons.  If you have time before your event, try to buy all regular priced items with a regular priced coupon, even if it means making several trips.


There are several items that I cannot get a Joann, and so I tend to shop around. For local stores, I like Michaels, Ac Moore and Hancock. However, there coupon policy is rather strict and they do not offer many coupons each week. This means you will need to make several trips to purchase high priced items.  I do enjoy shopping at these stores because they have a very big inventory and with your receipt you typically get a coupon for a future purchase that is different from one that you can print from their website. Like Joann, you can present coupons from your smart phone.  Be warned, the employees at this store tend to not be familiar with their coupon policy so be sure to travel with a copy of the policy.