Work Birthday Party

Who ever said that a work party has to be ordinary; noone. A work party like all other parties can be as big,small, elegant or plain as you desire. I recommend following these simple steps to make your work party elegant and memorable. 
Delegate, delegate, delegate

  • Assign 1 duty to each person.
  • Pick a leader. Someone who is in charge of telling everyone what items to bring and followup to ensure that they do not forget.
  •  Delegate the food items needed for the party.
  • Pick a decorator.
  • Have a designated setup team.

Pick a theme

  • This step is key to making each work party unique. The theme does not have to be elaborate. Simply pick it based on colors, activities, hobbies, sports or anything that is unique to the individual. 

Decorate on a budget

  • Have each person contribute a few dollars and buy all decorative items at the dollar store. 
  • Most people have items that can be used to decorate already on hand,  identify these items and use as many as possible. 
  • Write out our sketch out a detailed plan to follow on how you would like the table to look. 

On the day follow your sketch or plan.  Try to setup in under 10 mins.  

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